About the Journal/Publisher

About the Journal

The Canadian Journal of Nutrition is an open sourced journal to maximize exposure. There is no subscription fee for readers to access your article.   At the Canadian Journal of Nutrition we strive to let the research speak for itself.  An accomplished editorial board, quick turn around and easy publication process is what we pride ourselves on.  We have a straight-forward article processing charge for authors.

The purpose of the Canadian Journal of Nutrition is to publish research relevant to human clinical nutrition. Studies that examine nutritional pathophysiology, efficacy and safety of dietary based interventions on human disease are  prime areas of focus. We are also intensely interested in epidemiologic research and public health nutrition. Editorials, reviews, meta-analyses, controversy position papers, clinical guidelines and letters to the Editor are also critical components of the Canadian Journal of Nutrition.  Few nutrition journals focus on research of interest to the physician nutrition community and our editorial board has strong representation from research physicians. We are not interested in research related to ergogenic populations, or purely laboratory research, which is well represented in other Canadian and international publications.

We have chosen not to start with a large editorial board but have focused on the quality of our editorial team. We invite applications for our editorial board but we use stringent criteria in judging applicants. We strictly avoid predatory publishing practices, and pride ourselves in detailed, summative reviews of submitted articles.

About the Publisher

Our only publication is this journal and the publishing company is called the Canadian Journal of Nutrition. Our location of publication is London, Ontario, Canada. Our mailing address is Room B0-689, 268 Grosvenor St. (St. Joseph’s Healthcare London), London, Ontario, N6A 4V2. We can be reached email at admin@canadianjournalofnutrition.ca, phone at 519 646 6000 ext. 64320 or by fax at 519 646 6130.


How do I submit?

Submitting is simple.  Just click the SUBMIT AN ARTICLE tab in the top right corner but please read Author Information under WHY PUBLISH WITH US TAB first.

How do I make a FAQ?

Simple, just email admin@canadianjournalofnutrition.ca

Editorial Team

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Editor-In-Chief Dr. Adam Rahman
Editor Fayza Khan
Editor Dr. Refaat Hegazi
Editor Dr. Cindiawaty Josito Pudjiadi
Editor Perdana Suyoto
Editor Dr. David Armstrong
Editor Dr. Ravi Agarwala
Editor Dr. Mahmoud Mosli
Editor Dr. Bandar Al-Judaibi
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